Seawind RV Resort 

 1066 East FM 628

 Riviera, TX  78379

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Welcome to Kleberg County in South Texas where the beautiful SeaWind RV Resort is located. We are Kleberg County owned and very family oriented with many on-going activities during the winter. Our Activity Directors keep the park hopping during the winter time with more activities than one can participate in. There is line dancing, skeet shooting, fishing, Bible study, dinners, bingo, Texas Two Step dancing, quilting, and all sorts of exercise programs, just to name a few. We are involved with Threads of Love, which is a way of helping the local underprivileged during their time of need after having a preemie or a still born baby.  They have also begun a program to create urns for unaccompanied veterans.

We are also a stop on the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail and are always glad to share our "Texas Hospitality."  Kleberg County is home to the world famous King Ranch: breeder of horses and the red Santa Gertrudis cattle, the ranch is also known for gifted artisans of saddles and other leather works. Within a mile of the park is a very well known seafood Restaurant known as Kings Inn while the  Baffin Bay Seafood Co. is no more than four miles away. Kingsville also has a nice eighteen hole Golf Course which our Winter Texans take advantage of several times a week.

SeaWind is located twenty-two miles southeast of Kingsville on Baffin Bay, which still holds the best trout fishing record of anywhere along the Gulf Coast. Red fish and Black Drum are also a very desirable catch. We have overflow parking for boats and extra vehicles at no extra cost to our guests. SeaWind is very centrally located being an hour from Corpus Christi, two hours from the Mexico border, or three hours from San Antonio.  We would be very happy to have you with us and share our Texas Hospitality with you. 

We do not allow tent camping.  Pit bulls are not allowed at our campground.

This winter season will be different.  When you come down, please do not go to activities for at least a week.  Bring masks and hand sanitizer with you.  The county requirement is that masks will be used to enter establishments.    If you become contagious while you are here, let management know so we can take the proper steps.  If you have a temperature of 100 degrees or more, DON'T GO TO ACTIVITIES.  YOU ARE CONTAGIOUS WITH SOMETHING.  DO NOT COOK FOR ACTIVITIES IF YOU HAVE A FEVER.  

We are trying to keep the campground open for the winter.  We are also trying to have as many activities as we can allow with the virus going around.  We care about you and your well being.  

Tamela Guyette

Park Manager


Verizon Cell Phone Towers

If you are a Verizon customer, please be advised that Verizon towers do not reach our park very well.  You may have spotty reception or not at all depending on the weather, your site, and your phone. If you have a Verizon Booster, your reception might be better.  If you plan to be here several months, you may want to consider a prepaid phone to supplement your service while enjoying SeaWind.   Sorry for the inconvenience.