SeaWind RV Resort

Work Shop

Tools--Second part of the garage.                                                          

 Small tools--Sockets, wrenches, drills, etc.  These are locked in the office and must be signed out.  Ask Dave for these tools.

Garage large tools--Saws, drill press, table router, etc. See Dave to be checked out on this equipment.  These are available week days from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.  The shop will be closed weekends and holidays.

Equipment--Third part of garage.  Paint is available on request.  Weed eaters, rakes, shovels, ladders, etc. can be used at any time. Honey wagons for overflow areas can be found next to diesel and gas tanks.

Forth Part of Garage.  Golf carts are for office use only. 

Push lawn mowers are available for use.  Please sign them in and out.  This is to assure that all users are properly cleaning the mover top and bottom after use!

Push lawnmowers will not be pulled behind pickup trucks.  Anyone doing this will lose privilege of using push mowers.  They can be lifted into the bed of the truck or walked to site.  Oil and gas are available for push mowers.  Check mower before taking one out.  If you cannot find gas and oil, ask Dave

Just remember, what you mess up---you clean up!  There is a large shop vac available for your use to help clean up sawdust.  Please clean benches and floors after using the shop.  If it is not kept clean it will not be available for your projects. 

Again, all items leaving the shop must be signed out and back in when returned.  All items must be checked out through Dave!

Please let us know if any tool is broken or needing maintenance.  Also if you would like to see other tools in the shop for use please let us know.

Thank you all for your cooperation  .Dave

Heads Up!

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 Check our calendar and flyers on the bulletin board and Facebook for updates. 

It has been a wonderful Winter Texan Season! The weather was great (most of the time). We met many new faces! New activities were introduced. Next Winter Texan will bring in more new faces, and more new activities! If you want to keep in touch with our Winter Texans, join the Winter Texan Group in Facebook.


Have a great summer! Have fun, be safe, enjoy! See you very soon. 8)